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So starting off with a new post, i have been waiting for a response in an application i had applied for in uni. I was - again turned down. I'll admit, i didn't pay much attention in high school and that my primary school is so focused on numbers than helping students.

I did struggle to learn when i was young. High school, i focused on my writing than my own education but I would have done the same thing. I valued perfecting my writing and my book than going to higher studies, and even though i wish to do go now, i have to do courses to up my score. the road longer and harder but i prefer it that way. I have come to grown as a person, learning day by day.

Back in high school, writing was my escape and it still is, for anyone who has read One of a Kind. I wrote that in high school and my grandmother who had also read the book summed up my emotions very well. 'Back then, you were angry at the world.'

She is right, i was and a still am, just a little bit though, i use it to push myself, using this sheer will and determination to prove them haters wrong.

I remember asking if I should upload the draft copies of my second book, Anything but Ordinary, with only two replies they both said, it's not a good idea, or it's not wise. even though i gave my perspective of having loyal readers. someone who wants to watch you succeed and be a better writer, it shouldn't matter when or how upload your writing. you're still getting your name out there, connecting with people, getting to know them. i have great joy talking to all my readers.

I know writing is changing and for the better, people have a chance to share their stories and ideas. sure there are setback back such as building your name, struggling to get a sale or donations but it takes time and gives you more joy and satisfaction as build your audience, who come to you for your works.

Setback will always be there but there is a difference between everyone when facing them.

Some people face setbacks with more determination, others choose to give up. Become the person who never gives up.


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