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Motivation & Depression

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Like many, I am sure there a lot of people in this world who suffer mental illness. I am one of those people, and depression and mental illness runs in my family in both bloodlines - from my mums to my dads side.

It's a grey subject for me as I can understand the feeling of depression but not to a point where I wish to end it all. I get more angry and despaired as I would feel like the universe is always out to get me, like no matter how much I try, this world would laugh and spit in my face.

but in staying that, it is my depression talking, my anxiety, the person in my head telling me, that this will never work or your writing isn't good enough.

it can go hand in hand when i write. there are streaks where i will stick to my work and the depression drains away as i am finally becoming productive or there are streaks where I have no energy to do anything. My creativity and ideas drain away as I feel disheartened.

I am writing this as I have been feeling this way for the last week, I know I haven't been productive or creative with my works and wonder if they are suffering because of this feeling.

i don't want to make this piece too long but I will write more about my mental health later down the track. it's rather therapeutic.



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