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I must say, I do apologise to my readers, it's not every day you read the inner thoughts of an author and realise there is nothing positive. I will say it does help, writing this out, whether your opinion changes of me, it is up to you to continue reading my stuff but I am happy to say that I am feeling inspired once more, feeling like I do have some purpose with my writing once more.

I'll admit it is because of a small team who has developed a cartoon called Hazbin Hotel, banding together, asking support from their fans to create a dream project from the ground up, no Studio backing, no contracts, nothing. it was them and them alone and I admire that, I admire people who fight back and change the playing field. showing corporate business that creators have the ability to put something out there for the world, and people wanting it, and having to bend over backwards by producers who dictate what goes on in the series.

it's one of the many reasons why I choose self-publishing, not because anyone can write and produce their own work but to call the shots and deciding how I want the story to end, not some corporate suit.

I'm going to keep going, keep writing and push forward. It will take a while but I know I will get there, it was only a year ago that I wasn't known for my works, or had any readers and over the year, so much has happened where I am eternally grateful to my readers and the love and support from my readers. Thank you all again. <3

Also, side note, check out Hazbin Hotel and watch the Pilot. Click the link below, share it around. <3

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