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Musical Inspiration and others

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

When I first started writing, music was my influence. I would listen to songs and come up with scenes in my head to match the feeling of the music. Sometimes the scenes would just naturally come in and they happen when I am trying to just listen to a song. (usually happens when it's new music)

I even try to incorporate bands from my country, wanting the rest of the world to know who they are.

But now it's just for motivation, helping me get back up when I fall, and create trailers in my head when I listen to soundtracks.

Here is a list I have created for this post.

I also draw inspiration from real life moments, especially when i am out and about in the city at night. i am very much a people watcher. some cases i would be in the corner at a venue writing on my phone as i watch groups and how the act in public sober or intoxicated. the werewolves of Melbourne came from inspiration of watching a group of young males, all rowdy and boisterous, in their pack ready for a night of stupor. very much like werewolves.

Buffy the vampire slayer is another. A strong female character, never a damsel in distress. I felt like i handled the scene with Valeria very well. they attempt a rescue but she still fights along side them in the end. not to run away and take the final blow to the leader.

It's the same with Ceres, she's never the one to be saved.

I do also love the mixture of comedy and drama mixed together, you never have one theme in the show, it's never same in every episode, other than the fact they take down some big bad.

Anime has also been a key factor and it is something I wish for in my little series. it would be fantastic as an anime as I think to the fight scenes in my head. Very much one piece esque or One punch man. those fights are brilliant but the animation quality a little better, like K project, Seraph of the end or Black butler. they draw out every fight scene to the last detail.

Before I sign off there is an idea with how my little universe works, a saying I have written out in Anything But Ordinary. 'Whatever is fiction in one world, is a possible reality in another.'

Dangerous isn't it. To think that an idea or something that is classed as fiction can be possible reality, making the universe exploration endless, unlimited. as long as it follows the guide lines of this universe, the world is born. Anything is possible.

- Belinda

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