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Rejection and Struggle

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

First off, I just want to say welcome to all who comes across this blog and my site, second, I wish to thank you for taking time to read read this and my stories on Tapas, Wattpad, Ao3 and Tumblr.

I wanted to start blog as something interesting happened, I decided to contact a literacy agent and in 24hrs of submitting a query, I was rejected. I expected as much. To me, I believe writing is changing and going in a different direction. There are many writers out there who uses online formats to share their story, there are also ones who take publication into their own hands.

They either do this because they are tired of the rejection or wish to have more control of their royalties and copyright.

Fun fact: Authors only get 10% of sales with publication companies, some even lose the rights. L.J Smith, author of the vampire diaries is one of them and in the end they brought a ghost writer in.

I would dread the day if that ever happened to me. They aren't villains so to speak as I am sure not every company is like this, and there are benefits as they use marketing to boost the sales of any publication, which is a great benefit for any Author to get their name out.

I no longer follow the traditional reforms of publication as I feel publishing companies and Agents would look at my works and go, 'hell no.'

Why? There is an old rule, a rule that is very important, something many would have studied in professional writing. Show not tell.

I know for a fact, I tell more than I show, whether this is an issue to publication or for writers who have studied this through blood sweat and tears, and avid readers of many traditional works. I know my works would be better online than through traditional means.

But as I write this, this is matter through opinion than fact. I always get, you should read more, or read books like Stephen King and J.K Rolling or some successful author. Read to study how they write, not for the story. reading books for me, i read for the story - and mostly vampires as I can't seem to pick anything else. I have tried to read but I cannot seem to grasp the concept, I am more hands on with my writing, I will try different styles and methods as type the written word out.

But i'm not going to let that stop me. No matter the rejection, the opinions of those who wish to critique my writing but have nothing to show for themselves. Compared to the first story I wrote out seven years ago and the works I have created today, I know I am getting better with each piece I write. I am going to continue, there is a story that needs to be told and I love the character I have created, the worlds I have built and the constant support I receive from my readers, that to me is worth more than any amount of money in the world.

As I finish off, I plan to make this a regular thing, i'll talk about my inspirations, my life, go into detail of worlds lore. I know social media can also be about my life but i'm not a huge with posting and feel more comfortable here.

Hope you all of you are having a great day!



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