One Of A Kind - Book

One Of a Kind (Old Version)

"Hey, Zack."
"Yeah, Ceres?"
"Do you believe in vampires?"
"Vampires? What does this have to do with vampires?"

Just imagine, you're about to graduate, fighting every assessment and exam the school throws at you.  Your lost, unsure, everyone seems to have some plan, something they want in their careers but you don't. Faced with the cruel reality that you have nothing planned for the future, you seemed to be unexpectedly thrown into a life you didn't ask for.

Never did I believe vampires existed.
Graduation is nearing and I have received an offer that would be foolish to refuse. Now I begin to face challenges that push me from my comfort zone, causing anxiety attacks, and strains a friendship.

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Living with Vampires

Roommates, love them, hate them, loathe them, but we can’t survive without them.
Now you think living with three other roommates would be difficult, especially when you’re the only female, living with three males. I am also the only one who also happens to buy all the food, uses the bathroom for those particular moments, or use the heating, or anything that is remotely normal.
Trying not to get eaten and is thrusted into an unfamiliar world, all Valeria has to keep sane is a laptop, a blogging site and the passion for the written word. All the while completing uni and working a part-time job, she writes her experiences living with vampires, and talking to her audience of the events when living with them. Valeria hopes she can survive living with three bloodthirsty vampires.
Not wanting to die Valeria attempts to reach out to Nathaniel, Brooklyn and Neil, but brings unintentional danger as she continues her blog and delving deeper and deeper into the vampire world. Neil clings on to his old ways, refusing to accept his underlining feelings, Nathaniel and Brooklyn become protective over Valeria, who is under constant threat by the young vampire. Although hurt by this sudden realisation Valeria persists to learn of Neil’s past, pushing him to fight his demons, and coming to understand why he is like this.
Their lives are open to the world, and exposed, to the eager eyes of her audience as they wait for the next post. Unknowing of the damage Valeria has brought upon the three vampires, she must face the consequences of her blog. Although scared, Valeria holds her ground against the forces who wish the destruction of her new family. Risking everything to protect them regardless if she is just a mere human.

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"What makes a monster? Is it their sharp teeth? Their eyes? Skin? Eating habits? Behaviour? Is a monster defined by their looks or by their actions?"

Many have tried to predict when the next vampire king would be born.
In a time of Ancient Rome, the head sorcerer sacrifices the lives of the many to seek one soul. Fearing the vampire king's birth, the Emperor decree all boys born in six BCE to be killed, not a soul left behind for the slaughter.
Alexandros, a Greek ex vampire hunter, saves one, Syrus Valerius, the only boy to survive. The carnage is over, and everyone is angry. The Emperor cunningly uses the boy as a scapegoat, and the people have directed their fear and anger towards Syrus.
Syrus's older brother Pietro curses his name for their parent's death, Alexandros does his best to raise the boy on his own, and a young girl named Annabeth becomes his friend in this cruel world.
Growing into adults, both Syrus and Annabeth find love in each other. Pietro becomes more bitter. Syrus has fought long and hard against the people's words, and as Syrus reaches closer to his 21st birthday. Dreading all his efforts have come crashing to an end.

Meet My Characters

Syrus Valerius
Syrus Valerius

Syrus Valerius

Name: Syrus Valerius
Species: Vampire
Age: over two thousand (Syrus lost track)
Story: Knowing how cheesy it sounds, Syrus is the king of vampires. The longest to rein in vampire history and the most powerful. sombre and always calm, Syrus's eyes always give away his true emotions.
How do you tell the difference between a normal vampire and royalty you ask? 
Simple a normal vampire is turned by another vampire. The Kings don't need another vampire to turn them, at the age of twenty-one, they're bodies go through the changes as the first vampire in existence did all those eons ago. (who also happens to be the first King.)
The same soul reincarnated again, again and again. no memories of their past lives and a different story every time.
That and they have special powers, normal vampires don't