One Of a Kind (Old Version)

"Hey, Zack."
"Yeah, Ceres?"
"Do you believe in vampires?"
"Vampires? What does this have to do with vampires?"

Just imagine, you're about to graduate, fighting every assessment and exam the school throws at you.  Your lost, unsure, everyone seems to have some plan, something they want in their careers but you don't. Faced with the cruel reality that you have nothing planned for the future, you seemed to be unexpectedly thrown into a life you didn't ask for.

Never did I believe vampires existed.
Graduation is nearing and I have received an offer that would be foolish to refuse. Now I begin to face challenges that push me from my comfort zone, causing anxiety attacks, and strains a friendship.

Living with Vampires

‘Now you think living with three other roommates would be difficult. Especially when you’re the only female, sharing with three other guys. The only one who also happens to buy all the food, uses the bathroom for those particular moments, or use the heating, or anything that is remotely normal.'

Meet My Characters

Syrus Valerius

Name: Syrus Valerius
Species: Vampire
Age: over two thousand (Syrus lost track)
Story: Knowing how cheesy it sounds, Syrus is the king of vampires. The longest to rein in vampire history and the most powerful. sombre and always calm, Syrus's eyes always give away his true emotions.
How do you tell the difference between a normal vampire and royalty you ask? 
Simple a normal vampire is turned by another vampire. The Kings don't need another vampire to turn them, at the age of twenty-one, they're bodies go through the changes as the first vampire in existence did all those eons ago. (who also happens to be the first King.)
The same soul reincarnated again, again and again. no memories of their past lives and a different story every time.
That and they have special powers, normal vampires don't


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