Unexpectedly a writer at a young age

I started writing at the age of seven or eight, unknowingly that it was my first story, it gave me great joy to create it was about a boy named Arthur, destined to slay vampires. Colouring every sentence, with different colours and proudly showed it to my parents, even though the story was rather odd. 

From a young age, I have always had a vivid imagination, going off on grand adventures, saving the day, the hero I have always wanted to be.  As I grew older, I tried writing again at fourteen, unable to find a stable story idea and my new found love for Buffy, it took a year before a simple sentence popped into my head and thus a story had finally begun.

Vampires have always been my obsession, before the craze known as twilight. I fell in love with the vampires who show no remorse and no care for human life. The vampires I have created, are made with a certain twist. They care to an extent but still become the cruel creatures they deserve to be depicted. 


With my love of vampires, music has been some odd kind of muse for me, listening to a particular song seems to set the scene just right. some songs have created spectacular fight scenes, while others have helped me write the portrayal of characters emotions, and some even help me get past those pesky writer's blocks


Finally, I am here, after seven long years, I have finally finished this piece but it is the first of many to be finished. 

So please lend me your eyes, open your hearts and slowly immerse yourself in my bizarre little world, I have created.

What the Future Holds

What the future holds is still written as I go through the walks of life. Finding some small success with Living with Vampires, I continue to create and write my stories and even re-write One Of A Kind.


No one ever anticipated a pandemic during 2020 and I can say releasing a book that year was a bad idea but not the worst. I continue forward and plan to publish my upcoming stories. 

Once again I wish to thank you all for your constant support

©2020 by Belinda Topan - Australia, Brisbane

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